Daily Newspapers Continue to Work Well for Marketers Who Are Selling Products to a Senior Demographic

August 22, 2018

newspaper media for reaching older audiences

Do you market products or services to a Senior Demographic? While it may seem old-fashioned, newspapers are a great way to reach millions of new customers.

Your average newspaper subscriber (yes, they still exist) tends to be older and have more disposable income. Statista in a 2016 report, shows 54% of newspapers subscribers to be over 50.

That means it’s a perfect media for running direct response ads for products and services intended for an older demographic — medical security, walk-in tubs and hearing aids to name a few.

Our clients who use newspapers as part of their media mix include financial services companies, seminar marketers, medical device advertisers, healthcare solution providers and many more.

Whether you call them Boomers, Seniors, 50+ or the AARP crowd, these potential consumers are still most comfortable evaluating an advertisement that they can read and spend time with. Copy and images are important. Claims and legitimacy are important too.

Newspapers (along with catalogs, shared mail, direct mail and inserts) offer a variety of opportunities for reaching that customer in their home with frequency and recency — important components not only for branding but for eliciting a direct response — a call, a mailback coupon or a website visit.

Are newspapers right for your product or service? Find out more today by contacting us.


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