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You need a marketing partner you can trust. Someone with the years of experience and expertise to give you the tools to succeed and the personalized attention that delivers results based on your company’s customer profile, market and business goals. When you work with LEE, you’ll NEVER work with a Jr. AE, but always with the Owners, C-Level professionals.

LEE Marketing and Media Services is a boutique direct marketing agency that offers our clients a fresh approach to customer acquisition marketing. We combine decades of experience with investigative research, creative strategies, lead / sales acquisition strategies and customer engagement solutions to deliver measurable ROI improvements. We are focused on meeting every clients’ unique sales and revenue goals, while providing a diverse level of service expertise.

At LEE, we treat each of our clients’ sales and marketing objectives, along with their media budgets, like they’re our own. We see the relationship with our clients as a true partnership; it has to be a win/win result! That’s why, before we start, we make sure that we understand each client’s end goal and go to the marketplace with that in mind.

No One Is Better at Boomer and Senior Marketing and Media Strategies.

The senior market is one of the fastest growing demographic segments in America, with 2.5 times the discretionary spending power of the current millennial generation. With more than 10,000 new potential customers turning 65 every day, there are fewer and fewer business verticals that can afford to ignore such a powerful market segment.

Here at LEE, we strive to help marketers maximize their reach in the Boomer and Senior marketplace. Our expertise in verticals like medical devices, lead generation, insurance, financial services, and health/ wellness offers and allows us to leverage years of historical empirical data to empower our clients’ products and services into their target markets.

Working Together to Grow Your Business.

LEE takes 3 simple, but focused steps for each client engagement/campaign:

Strategically evaluate every option & make recommendations

  1. Test and measure results
  2. Evaluate results to refine creative / offer strategy and media spending criteria
  3. Continue to test and re-test, leveraging in what’s working.

Our direct marketing/media strategies are based on sound expertise and proven results. It’s the “game plan” for each client.

The media is the conduit to generating leads, new customers or “hand raisers,” for each program we manage. We care most about what media channel will generate the best results for our clients. Being media-agnostic just makes sense.


Staying within Your Budget.

LEE’s fixed-costs-per-month or per-management fee makes it easy for clients to build a budget, and count on immediate results. Learn why we’re better than the rest!

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