Do You Need to Buy Newspapers and Magazines at Low-Cost, Direct Response Prices?

For clients targeting the senior or boomer market — or any 50+ demographic — print media is still an hugely important part of overall consumer reach. Potential buyers of senior related products and services (like CPAP Machines, Incontinence Products and Portable Oxygen Machines) know they can rely on newspapers and magazines to get new customers.

Newspapers and magazines work for direct response marketers because they can be bought cheaply

Our direct response newspaper and magazine buyers contract with both local and national newspapers and magazines for extremely favorable remnant rates and guaranteed placements.

With remnant pricing available at discounts of up to 95%, LEE specializes in maximizing the revenue generated per advertising dollar.

That means you can purchase USA Today, Parade Magazine and many other media at a tremendously low Cost Per Thousand (CPM) — which helps your marketing budget stretch further. Buying newspapers and magazines at remnant pricing decreases your Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Conversion and Cost Per Order.

We help our clients balance the tradeoffs between remnant pricing and flexibility using historical data from thousands of response driven medias — most of our media is purchased as ‘guaranteed remnant.’ We’re generally able to guaranteed placement during a specified time frame at remnant or ‘leftover’ prices.

With the right offer and low CPM’s, print media continues to generate cost-effective and measurable results.

LEE is your single-point contact for all local and national print media buying including:

  • National and Local Daily Newspapers
  • Weekly and Monthly Newspapers
  • Targeted National Magazines

Yes – people still read newspapers!

One way to buy national and local newspaper ads cheaply is to purchase leftover or unsold space within the newspaper. This is called ‘remnant’ buying While it may not be something small or local businesses can purchase, remnant advertising is a great way for larger companies to reach larger audiences.

Between 30 million and 35 million people read a newspaper everyday in the United States and newspapers are increasingly the only news source for local news, business, sports and entertainment information.

Many direct response advertisers (think Safe Step Walk-In Tubs, Omaha Steaks or Jitter Bug Phones) use this approach, but it’s also a great way for E-commerce advertisers to reach millions of potential new buyers.

Additionally, it’s a proven approach for any marketers selling products or services for the Senior Market or Baby Boomers (like Medical Guardian, SoClean, or Inogen) who are very comfortable reading newspapers and purchasing from newspaper ads where newspapers still score as one of the most trusted medias in the US. Our company helps clients reach new buyers all the time with newspaper advertising. Yes – people still read newspapers!

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