Direct Mail

Direct mail is dead? Nope! Long live direct mail. Pundits and websites will offer marketers lots of contradictory opinions on the state of direct mail marketing. Here at LEE, we deal in facts. The fact is that in 2016 US businesses spent more than $49 Billion on direct mail marketing.

Direct mail continues to prove itself as a viable one-to-one direct marketing channel across a wide range of business channels.

LEE’s direct mail strategy has been refined over years of testing. This allows us to deliver the best performing direct mail pieces to customers in a variety of business verticals including healthcare, medical devices and life insurance. We’re maximizing DM as well in attaching web visitors or any web attribution from offline line media and attaching those against mailing address for a more qualified direct mail “lead” or record.

Our creative approach is structured and measured to ensure efficiency and a winning control. This formula yields to predictability and successful direct mail packages that can scale.

To help you better understand your direct marketing opportunities and our deliverables, we are thrilled to offer a complimentary review of your current direct mail efforts, and will provide you with a critical review and recommend opportunities to improve your results. We’re confident that we can back up a head-to-head direct mail test with a performance guarantee.