Minimize Your Media Waste. Maximize Your ROI.

Without effective tracking and reporting, you might as well throw you marketing budget on a bonfire – you won’t have data but at least you can roast marshmallows and stay warm.

In today’s media buying environment, integrated analytics is at the core of every successful direct marketing campaign. That’s why, at LEE, we specialize in providing the customized, one-on-one analytical services that drives your business forward.

We manage your budget like it was our own – carefully and methodically to provide the best results month after month. We develop well managed campaigns that are designed to maximize every available marketing dollar.

We work hard to make analyzing your ROI simple – no matter the medium – so that you know you’re getting value from every dollar. With over 30 years’ experience in media planning and media buying, we specialize in getting you the best rates and managing your costs through fixed cost or per management fees, tailored to meet your needs.

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Newspapers and Magazines

For clients targeting the senior or boomer market, print media is still an integral part of overall consumer reach. LEE contracts with both local and national newspapers and magazines for favorable remnant rates and guaranteed placements. With remnant pricing available at discounts of up to 95%, LEE specializes in maximizing the revenue generated per advertising dollar.

We help our clients balance the trade-offs between remnant pricing and flexibility using historical data from thousands of response driven medias. With the right offer and low CPM’s, print media continues to generate cost-effective and measurable results. LEE is your single-point contact for all local and national print media buying including:

  • National and Local Daily Newspapers
  • Weekly and Monthly Newspapers
  • Targeted National Magazines

Radio Media

We know that Radio can be an excellent complimentary marketing channel for lead generation in the Boomer and Senior Markets. Clients with success in print advertising and direct mail are ideally positioned to succeed in a similar remnant radio format that LEE delivers. Discounted radio media buying remains a strong channel to reach senior and boomer audiences cost effectively. With comprehensive long and short form radio advertising services, LEE connects our clients with the best available radio advertising on every broadcast channel including talk, news, music formats. short form, long form and endorsement (network, local and satellite radio)

Utilizing historical data and advanced demographic and psychographic analysis, LEE helps clients deliver cost effective, scalable radio lead generation.

Digital Marketing and Media

Here at LEE, we firmly believe that digital marketing and media are the “backbone” of any direct-to-consumer strategy. In today’s marketplace, prospective customers will leverage all assets of the internet when evaluating a company’s offer, promise or product.

So we offer top of the line digital media channels in order to mirror and support the effectiveness of your off-line media buying and marketing strategies. We specialize the multi-source attribution modeling for marrying offline and online campaigns to provide you with a comprehensive marketing ROI.

Digital marketing and media channels include:

  • Site Development and Landers
  • Display Advertising
  • E-mail Marketing
  • SEO and SEM
  • Social Media
  • Mobile
  • Affiliate Marketing (cost-per-action and “cash buys”)

Direct Mail

Direct mail is dead? Nope! Long live direct mail. Pundits and websites will offer marketers lots of contradictory opinions on the state of direct mail marketing. Here at LEE, we deal in facts. The fact is that in 2016 US businesses spent more than $49 Billion on direct mail marketing.

Direct mail continues to prove itself as a viable one-to-one direct marketing channel across a wide range of business channels.

LEE’s direct mail strategy has been refined over years of testing. This allows us to deliver the best performing direct mail pieces to customers in a variety of business verticals including healthcare, medical devices and life insurance. We’re maximizing DM as well in attaching web visitors or any web attribution from offline line media and attaching those against mailing address for a more qualified direct mail “lead” or record.

Our creative approach is structured and measured to ensure efficiency and a winning control. This formula yields to predictability and successful direct mail packages that can scale.

To help you better understand your direct marketing opportunities and our deliverables, we are thrilled to offer a complimentary review of your current direct mail efforts, and will provide you with a critical review and recommend opportunities to improve your results. We’re confident that we can back up a head-to-head direct mail test with a performance guarantee.

Insert Media

Diversity of opportunity is abundant with insert media. From package inserts, catalog blow-ins and statement stuffers, there is an insert media option to suit every marketing need. LEE specializes in identifying our clients target demographics and finding new and inventive ways to reach those key potential customers. While we know insert media isn’t the right fit for every offer, we have worked with numerous clients that have been successful through insert media. LEE also have availability in card deck media as well.


Like ALL our media channel offerings, we do the shopping for our clients, constantly finding the lowest rates in the marketplace between direct media channel partners, media clearinghouses and rep groups.