Are You Using Email Marketing to Maximize the Long Term Value of Your Customers?

August 9, 2018

webinar on email marketing

Savvy marketers know that new customer acquisition is just one part of growing your customer revenue streams.

Once you’ve acquired a customer, maximizing the long term value of that customer is the key to maintaining long term profitability for your business.

One way to do that of course is by utilizing email marketing.

In an upcoming webinar offered by, participants will be able to gain a better understanding of how they should be using their customer email database to reap more dollars from those customers.

The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 1pm EST.

Here’s an overview of the webinar from DMNews…

Let’s talk about you: building relationships with email marketing

Too many email marketers focus on acquisition and volume as their measures of success: How many subscribers are in our database? Sending more email means we make more money, right? The real power of email marketing lies in its ability to build relationships with your existing customers through personalized connections.

Learn how predictive intelligence and machine learning are providing marketers with a deeper understanding of their customers and transforming email campaigns into meaningful conversations — the stuff lasting relationships are made of.

After this webinar you will:

  • Understand the value of “How can I help you?” versus “What can I sell you?”
  • Know why machine learning is only as effective as the customer data you feed it
  • See why email personalization is critical to driving results that really matter.

How Can LEE Media help you with new customer acquisition?

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We strive to meet our clients’ unique business goals including generating new leads, customers, selling products and service direct or driving leads or new customers to brick and mortar locations.

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