Media Analytics and Optimization

LEE brings together a “best-in-class” group of talented individuals that specializes in delivering in proven multiple media channels, resulting in the highest ROI for your offer. We focus on attaining measured ROI through optimizing testing platforms, creative variables and targeted media channel recommendations. We focus on customizing everything we do for our clients.

 Our Media Channels Include:

To remain competitive in today’s media marketplace, where thousands of pings, beeps and clicks are competing for your customer’s attention, a multi-media channel strategy is an absolute must. We believe that measuring the effectiveness of each media channel is crucial. Our advanced media analytics help you see beyond the last call or click attribution model to see how each piece of a multi-channel marketing plan interacts to drive your customers further down your sales funnel.

Because of our years of experience with start-ups, small businesses, and corporations, we can provide direction and guidance on how to maximize each of our clients’ media and sales channels, based on the results of each campaign and roll out potential. Our approach is simple, and yields exceptional results!

LEE’s Business Verticals:

  • Boomer and Senior Marketers
  • Consumer Medical Device Marketers
  • Lead Generation and Two-Step Advertisers
  • Financial Service and Insurance Marketers
  • Health and Wellness Products
  • Event Marketing
  • Retail Support Strategies


We encourage our prospective clients to research and ask questions of other direct marketing agencies. The majority don’t provide the expertise that LEE can offer in measuring, understanding and maximizing each marketer’s results. In the end, results are always the “road map” to our clients’ long term, sustainable success.


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